Airlie Beach

Last time i came to Australia, i didn’t make it any further up than Brisbane. So this time i really wanted to go and see somewhere new!

We contemplated driving up to Prosperine from Brisbane HOWEVER this was looking at a possible 2 day drive, which i would have loved to do but with the time schedule we had, it wasn’t possible. So good old Jetstar came in handy. They are actually a very good airline and i have booked most of my domestic Australia flights with them before. An hour and a half flight took us straight to Prosperine. I had pre booked a small coach pickup to drop us off at the hotel in Airlie Beach. So all in all, the travelling there was quite easy.

Airlie Beach is a lovely little spot to stay in. They have 2 marinas, plenty of shops and restaurants and a beautiful lagoon right in the middle of the town. I was lucky to be staying there during the weekend and had already planned that i was going to do a Parkrun Saturday morning. It was a lovely route..lovely people and it was nice to walk back to the town and have breakfast and a mooch after my run.

We had planned a boat trip over to Hamilton Island for the day. (It was SOO expensive to spend the night on the island-even the ferry cost £65). Hamilton Island was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and one of my highlights of the trip. The ferry over only takes around about an hour from Airlie Beach and with the calm open waters it was actually a really nice ride. Once on the island we noticed everyone renting golf buggies to get around and explore. We HAD to get one! The price wasn’t too bad either. £40 for 4 hours and we got to see so much more of the island than we would have done if we hadn’t have rented one. So if you take a trip there you have to get one. PLUS they are so much fun to drive around on.

The views are spectacular and the beach was only downside to the island was obviously very busy with tourists..and once we had explored on the buggy and given it back..we kind of struggled with things to do. I mean first world problem..we had to sit on the beach for a few hours. POOR ME. But as we booked the late ferry did seem like we were waiting around a while. The wildlife here is HILARIOUS. We didn’t feed these birds ONCE but they seemed to enjoy sitting on the balcony with us all the time. They even tried stealing my clothes!

We were lucky with the weather and managed to grab a couple of days of just relaxing by the pool here as there isn’t that much to actually go and do in Airlie Beach. So we saw this as a holiday within a holiday. I would say the 4 days we spent there was a perfect amount of time to explore and relax and Hamilton Island was one of my fave spots in Australia.


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