30 Before 30

Helloooo. I turn 30 in April 2021..right now that still seems like quite a while off. So, I have been a total cliché and knocked together a little list of 30 things I want to achieve before turning the ripe old age of 30. Some of these things seem quite easy to tick off..others MIGHT take me a little time. I am actually very excited to push myself on the hard ones and relax on the easy ones! Ticking off another 7 countries could possibly be the hardest (money and time being the issue), but I’ll be sure to try my best! Haha! I’m looking forward to providing the proof..so eventually this list will be all ticked off! 16 months to do it!!!

  1. Walk the Yorkshire 3 peaks
  2. Learn some Spanish (enough to have a conversation in Spain with a local)
  3. Run a half marathon
  4. Visit 30 countries (23 at the minute)
  5. Take a trip completely alone
  6. Get another tattoo (maybe in Bondi?)
  7. Learn how to do yoga properly
  8. Find a good skincare routine!
  9. Pay off my credit card
  10. Have a spa day
  11. Go on another girls holiday
  12. Run every day for a month
  13. Learn to cook a proper meal for my friends (3 courses!!)
  14. Take a break from ALL social media for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  15. Go on a bike ride
  16. Be completely veggie for a whole month
  17. Make a start on making my back garden beautiful
  18. Learn something/anything new
  19. Complete 50 Parkruns
  20. Try a food I have NEVER tried before
  21. Raise money for charity
  22. Join a club (either running or book)
  23. Have some savings!
  24. Be the fittest I’ve ever been
  25. One whole month of no alcohol
  26. Get another piercing (my last one)
  27. Go to the cinema alone
  28. Find a job I ENJOY ❤
  29. Read another 50 books
  30. Run 1000 miles (from the start of my strava)

If any of my friends want to join me and help tick off ANY of these things then please feel free to book flights with me, grab your running shoes….or pay off my credit card? 🙂 THANKSSSSSS


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