1 Second Everyday

Last year i set myself a few new years resolutions,like everyone does and i managed to keep the main two i had set. (Let’s not talk about the others!) One of these resolutions was to film a second of every single day and mash it together for a fabulous 6 minute video at the end of the year. I had seen that a few famous bloggers/vloggers who had put these together and they looked amazing, so i thought it would be fun to give it a go and see if i could remember to film them more than anything.

Some days are obviously very easy to find a second i want to include, spending 3 weeks in Australia for example i actually struggled to choose between so many amazing moments. However some days can be hard to find a second that i think is ‘worth’ posting. BUT the more i did it, the more i realised..every day IS worth posting. The day to day life of going to work, sitting watching telly, making tea..these are all moments i want to remember aswell as the fun ones.

What made it more special for me was when my friends and family joined in and asked me daily what my second was today & if they could be the second that day. When i started it again this year, one of my life long besties (EMMA!) actually said ‘aww yay are we doing this again. That little WE bit made it all seem a little more worthwhile.

This was the start of 2019 and the end of 2019. Its really made me laugh that i’m in bed..in the same bedding 12 months apart….i do more than just sleep. I PROMISE šŸ™‚

I think over the 365 days there was a grand total of 3 days in which i forgot to film a second…(but that’s where live photos come in,thanks iPhone). The app can send you reminders daily but like anything the more you do it..the more it becomes a habit and i love actively seeking out what my second can be.


I ended up paying for the app (which is about Ā£28 for the year)as it backs up the clips so you don’t have to worry about losing anything and the app is so so easy to use. My only tip i would give people is make sure you film everything the same way round. I do all mine in landscape mode, the videos look so much better when they are all the same. TRUST ME.

So here it is!! A little glimpse into my life in 2019.

Click the link to my Youtube šŸ™‚

A Second Everyday 2019



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