Australia’s Best Bits

Being in lock down has made me scroll through my camera roll an awful lot. I’m missing my family and friends and just generally getting out and about enjoying myself. I had no holidays booked for this year and it looks like i probably won’t now either which is rubbish so i thought i’d go back over our little Australia holiday and pick out some of my favourite moments! I’ve done this purely because i’m a little bored in lock down and i love looking back over my blogs to remember what I’ve been up to 🙂


Travelling to the other side of the world with Sophia was actually so much fun and i think if you can spend that amount of time with someone in a very confined space it proves how strong your friendship is. We wore facemasks on the plane, we slept on airport seats for 8 hour lay overs and we ate noodles and reminded each other to stay hydrated at all times. It’s nice to have that sort of friendship where we can sit in complete silence for hours on end worrying about the length of time we have left to travel home and then also annoy the rest of the plane with our giggling. Also HOW we managed to find our way to and around Australia will always be one of life’s biggest questions.

I had in mind before going to Australia that i wanted to get a tattoo done in Bondi. I have seen the show Bondi Ink quite a few times and felt like i wanted my next tattoo to be done somewhere i can always remember. Bondi Beach is one of my favourite parts of Australia and i i think it is the place i would live if i packed up my life and moved to Aus! I loved doing the Coogee to Bondi walk and getting my tattoo done at the end of the trip.

We decided to try something new and stay in a capsule hostel in Sydney and we LOVED it. I normally would never stay in somewhere like this but it ended up being one of the best places i stayed. It gives you a few nights of sleeping on your own and it was actually so so comfy and clean. I 100% want to try more of these in different countries.

One of the main reasons for visiting Australia was because Amanda  was living over there. We spent time in Brisbane and Surfers Paradise together and had so much fun. She took us to Coochiemudlo Island which was beautiful and we spent the day on the beach and drinking beers and cocktails near Story Bridge in the evening. We took a road trip to Surfers and went to a cabaret, ate Thai food and got sun burnt on the beach (some of us more than others..SOPHIA). I love being in surfers and i loved spending time with Amanda too. We’ve been to a few European countries together before but being in Aus was so much fun. I reckon we should all move there together to be honest. Thanks to Coronavirus she has had to come home early so she’s back in England which is great for me to have my friend home, but now it gives me no ACTUAL reason to just pop back over to the other side of the world anymore 😦

I could write so much about each of my experiences in Australia but i’m already worried i’m boring everyone. So here are a few more of my favourite bits. I cuddled a koala which was my absolute HIGHLIGHT. I love koalas and i have done this before but was desperate for a nice photo of me having a cuddle. I could easily live with a little koala in my house. I rode a bike in Byron Bay which was fun, i haven’t rode a bike in a very long time but i banged that helmet on and rode the 7 miles to the lighthouse and LOVED it. We had cocktails at the opera house in the sunshine! I didn’t do this last time i came here as i was trying to be cautious with money. I was not making the same mistake this time. It doesn’t matter if the cocktail costs £15 you should make sure you do this!! We really enjoyed sitting and people watching at this famous spot and it felt kind of surreal!!

I loved going back to Australia and i came home thinking i was done and i probably wouldn’t go back, but the more i think about it, the more i wanna book another flight and go back. It’s a beautiful place and i have barely explored it so i would be open to being taken back over there if anyone fancies taking me??


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