Run Everyday in August

I am excited to post this blog as I NEVER thought I would complete this. A whole month of running every day. 😊 I set myself the goal of not doing any less than a mile each day as I knew there would be days where I would struggle.

Somehow, I managed to find time in each day to get ready and get myself out. With me working very weird shifts with work some days were a lot harder than others and my body really could feel the difference from me going out casually running once or twice a week, to running every day. However, I managed to push through and get it DONE. And I am so proud of myself for doing it. Yes, my hamstrings ache and yes, some days I VERY nearly gave up. But it was so so worth it. And currently it’s the 5th September. And I’m still managing to get out every day. I am enjoying it and it almost feels wrong now for me to not get a run in my day!

I really think this is a good challenge to set yourself and I would like to maybe see how many days in a row I can do. My aim now is for 50…and then who knows? Maybe I’ll still be doing it every day when I get to Australia in December. On Strava it’s telling me I did around about 72 miles in total which is pushing me so much closer to my original aim of 365 miles in 365 days. (might have to change this goal for next year and go HIGHER) 🙂

Okay..I have to go, I need to get todays miles in!!

run everyday

Now if you are really bored and even remotely interested (HA). I’ve done a sort of diary on how I felt each day. It’s long but it’s there for me to look back on.


Day one. And I already woke up tired! Ha! I had a CrossFit class this morning at 9:30 so I was already up and about. Stopped off at Sale Water park on the way home and just did a steady 2 miles to start my month off! I found today quite easy. 2 miles ran


Body is SO achy from CrossFit yesterday. Box steps are KILLING my legs. 1.5 miles ran 


Saturday! Parkrun day which makes the it easier to get myself out! Went to Southport parkrun with Steven. Even got a good time too! 28.20. 😊 3.1 miles ran 


HUNGOVER. Didn’t want to go out. Forced myself after a McDonald’s and a nap. Humid and hungover. Don’t even know how I managed to drag myself out. 2 miles ran 


Warm day but quite an easy 5k ran! 3.1 miles ran 


Felt FAST today 8minute splits. 1.5 miles ran 


Had to do another short one, pre- work! 1 mile ran 


Went to Crossfit again this morning. Hardest session I have ever done there so this cooldown was actually quite hard to do. 2 miles ran 


Found myself quite stressed out and worked up today, so took myself out for a big run which I haven’t really done yet this month. Mentally, it helped A LOT. 6.2 miles ran 


RAIN. Just needed to get it done today. 1 mile ran 


I seem to be struggling today. I feel very sleepy and my body was telling me to not go out after work today. But I went and a little old man clapped and said well done to me half way. I didn’t know I needed that, but I did. What a babe. 2.1 miles ran 


3 early shifts have killed me. I struggled to drag myself out for this one. 1.5 miles ran 


Woke up early and did an easy 4 miles. I am realising that I really prefer running before work rather than after! 4 miles ran 


First day I really DONT want to run, tired from my shifts and a late finish and it was raining. So just did a mile. Heel is starting to really hurt me today too. Which isn’t a good sign. 1 mile ran 


I spent the afternoon with Sophia eating Nandos and chocolate brownie. So, I really needed to do this run. I felt like Bruce Bogtrotter half way through! Ha. 2.1 miles ran


SO RAINY. I was waiting for it to die down. NOPE. I have never been this wet in my life. It did however make me run faster. So every rain filled cloud ey? 3.1 miles ran 


Had to squeeze this little one in after an early shift and driving up to my parents for the evening. 1.5 miles ran 


Stayed at my mums last night, so it was nice to wake up early and run somewhere completely different. Roads are very flat here in the countryside. One of my favourite runs. 3.1 miles ran 


Another late shift today, so just did a quick round the block jog. 1 mile ran 


Off out this evening for a hen do so I needed to EARN my prosecco. Nice little 5k. 3.1 miles ran 


Hello hangover. Decided to head to the park to blow the cobwebs away. It’s a lovely day but struggled to do more than 2 miles with this headache! 2 miles ran 


I felt like giving up today. My body aches A LOT at the minute. With my shifts being all over the place it felt like a mental struggle to get out and do anything today. Plus my hamstrings are really KILLING me at the minute. ☹ 1 mile ran 


Had work today, then needed a nap before heading off to the theatre to see the Book of Mormon. Had to squeeze this one in the middle of all that! 2 miles ran 


Oh it’s a hot one! Originally set out to try and do at least 5 miles today but the sun had other plans. I managed 4 and had to stop. I think I preferred running in the torrential rain!! 4 miles ran 


Bank holiday Sunday and another pre- work jog. Tired today. 1 mile ran 


Bumped into friends on my run this morning which made me stop for only 5 minutes for a chat but I really needed that and found my stride once I started again. Actually, I really enjoyed this morning’s run. 4 miles ran 


Chinese for tea tonight, just did a quick one before Sophia came round. 1 mile ran 


Really enjoyable 5k this morning. It started to rain half way through and made it a little easier. I am really enjoying running at the minute! 3.1 miles ran 


Did my usual 4 mile route down by the canal. I like this route and I enjoyed my run again today! 4 miles ran 


Achy hamstrings and a busy day ahead today, so just ran quickly up the road and back. Off on a road trip this evening! 1.5 miles ran 


THE LAST DAY! After having a lovely couple of days out I am SO TIRED and I have work at 3am tomorrow, so had to squeeze this last one in before early bed. 1.5 miles ran 













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