My Must Have Items in My Hand Luggage.

Every person,holiday and flight are different. Some people can travel with no hand luggage at all. Others can pack everything but the kitchen sink!! I managed to travel for 3 months out of one backpack and a small hand luggage bag. Easy peasy. In my job I hear horror stories of people losing their suitcases full of important items; medication, laptops and even their house keys! So I make sure wherever I go I pack my hand luggage with all of my essentials.

I normally travel with a trolley suitcase and then I use my beach bag as a second hand luggage. Here’s a little look at my main must have items that go straight into that second bag.

1. Passports. An obvious one. I bought this really cute document holder from Matalan which keeps all my paperwork and passports in one place. Its easy to just pull out of my bag when they are needed. (this holder is now even cheaper at £3.50!)

2. Kindle. I love to fill it with different genres and see how many I can make my way through whilst im away. The battery on this kindle is amazing too ive never had to charge it whilst im away which means its always in my hand. Sun lounger, airplane and even the pool!

3. Our lucky bracelets. When we went on our 3 month trip, my best friend made us these as in his religion they keep you safe and are classed as a good luck charm. I make sure we never travel without them now anywhere we go.

4. Rescue Remedy, Chap Stick and Eyedrops. A must in anyone’s hand luggage. Flying really dries my eyes out and it always helps to have a few drops during the flight. Same goes for lip balm. The Rescue Remedy helps with my anxiety of flying. It really works well. I got through 13 flights in 3 months with these miracle drops. 3 drops onto your tongue and it calms you right down. My little saviour bottle.

5. Sunglasses. I always have them to hand ready for whenever I land in sunny countries. There’s nothing worse than squinting to see these new beautiful countries.

6. My little first aid kit. You never know how you’re going to feel on board a flight, short or long haul. So I make sure I always pack my essentials. In my little kit I pack; paracetamol, ibuprofen, strepsils, heartburn tablets, plasters, travel sickness tablets, diarrhoea tablets, antihistamines and a small tube of antiseptic cream. I love to be super organised. I like to think it’s one of my strong points :).

7. Wet wipes .Let’s be honest, planes are full of germs and disgusting things. These days they like a quick turn around and the planes never get the full clean like they used too. It’s a good idea to give your arm rests and tables a quick wipe, make sure you don’t get to your destination full of a cold. They are also great for those sticky fingers!

8. Sickness bands. I’ve had motion sickness since I was a tiny girl. I get really bad cases of it whenever ‘im a passenger in a car. So I make sure I have them with me at all times. They work really well (it could be placebo, but hey I’m not complaining). I use them whenever I’m on a boat or plane too. I can’t stand turbulence and sometimes if it is continuous it triggers my motion sickness, so I tend to leave them on every time I fly. I use Sea Band.

9. Water bottle. I found this really cute foldable water bottle which is perfect for hand luggage. It Is always worth packing a water bottle you can refill after you’ve cleared security, plus it saves you money on the numerous bottles you will buy at the airport. It’s always a good idea to keep hydrated when you’re flying, it will make you feel more refreshed at your final destination.

10. My ipod. Every person needs to just switch off when they fly and I find listening to my music is the perfect remedy. I use Spotify Premium which is amazing, it covers all my music needs. As my iPhone doesn’t have much space, I use my old iPhone purely for my Spotify. I download all the music to my phone so I have access to everything on Airplane mode. (Tip- always buy good headphones).

11. Power Bank. I made sure I invested in a good power bank for our travels as there can be sometimes when you don’t know when you can next charge your phone. I found this Belkin power bank from Dixons at a reasonable price. Mine does at least 4 full charges which is excellent.

12. Adapter. How annoying is it when you get to your destination and need to plug something in straight away and you’re scrambling around your suitcase for an adapter. I make sure I have one to hand in my hand luggage just in case. Sometimes I pack my proper charger for my phone too for when I’m at the airport. (Another Tip- For long haul journeys, pack an extension lead too. You can use as many plugs as you want plus you might make friends!)

13. Notebook & Pen. You never know when you might need pen and paper. Honestly, youll use it more than you imagine. For those magical ideas that pop into your head at 30000 feet or those little thank you notes you leave the house keeping. This is always handy.

Woah, I spoke a lot then. Hahaha but I do love organising and I believe in packing well, so enjoy my little list. (Another thing I love) and happy travels!!


3 thoughts on “My Must Have Items in My Hand Luggage.

  1. Great list and organisation, Amy! I have to agree on the Kindle and Powerbanks. I also usually have my iPad, laptop and camera in my rucksack when travelling too – I’m the person that needs all of the trays at security for my tech! LOL I also think that document wallets are a great idea too – so much easier to keep everything together. you[re better to be very well organised, as you say, tan faffing about on the plane or at your destination. 😀


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