Phi Phi & Koh Lanta

We made the trip from Phuket to The Phi Phi Islands on the ferry! It only took 2 hours and the water was that calm, you couldn’t tell you were on a boat! Which is amazing for people like me who get quite sea sick! Little tip; always pack your Seaband sickness bands!

We had already done the day trip over to Maya Bay which was lovely and I really wanted to do the walk up to the Phi Phi viewpoint! It is one of the most seen photos whenever you Google/Instagram Phi Phi, so it had to be done.

It was a crazy walk to the viewpoint and it didn’t help that it was over 35 degrees and we hadn’t had anything to eat. Big mistake. Make sure you eat beforehand for sure as it did make us feel quite faint! However the views at the top were really worth the walk. I think we paid a small fee half way up (I can’t remember how much).

The views are truly breathtaking and you can really see just how small this little island actually is. Phi Phi was affected with the Tsunami aswell and it is quite sad to see the before photos as it does look so different. It is just so beautiful though we did sit and appreciate the views for quite a while. It was a great part of Thailand for me to to be honest.

After Phi Phi we jumped on another ferry over to Koh Lanta. We planned to meet our friend Amanda over there after a few days which was so exciting after not seeing her for over 2 months! We found some amazing bungalows to stay in. They were probably one of the best places we’ve stayed in the whole trip, they even had hammocks outside and they were right on the beach! The bungalow we originally booked was very ‘Thai’ and they had mosquito nets over the bed and LOTS of creatures great and small wandering round. I had to upgrade to this instead!!

It was perfect, so relaxing!! It’s a shame the weather took a turn for the worse and didn’t stop raining for 2 days! We witnessed some real Thai storms here which were really amazing to sit and watch. The heat didn’t once drop either throughout the storms. It did give us some time to really relax for a while and get some reading done which is always good.

We managed to try lots of different foods whilst we’ve been away however it was only a matter of time before our stomachs didn’t react very well to it all. We went off to meet Amanda at our next hotel which was right on the beach! We managed to spend 1 afternoon together until unfortunately we were all hit with food poisoning.

It was definitely the worst part of our trip, we were bed bound for 2 full days and only drank water for about 3 days. There really is nothing worse than being ill abroad, especially somewhere totally new and different to us all. We even contemplated seeing a doctor however after around 4 days we felt well enough to go out again and try to enjoy ourselves so we watched the sunset with a beer on the beach!

We then moved onto Krabi for a couple of days but after feeling so poorly for so long and being close to the end of the trip, we did all feel a little low. We spent the majority of our trip relaxing rather than exploring which wasn’t the plan, however i think we needed to recover properly.


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