Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Me & my friends spend many hours in work together talking about all the fun & exciting things we want to go and do together. So when talk of birthday plans came up we immediately jumped on Skyscanner and decided to fly off to Paris. I mean where else in the world should i be turning 27 than Disneyland??

We decided to treat ourselves and book into the 1903 Lounge in Manchester Airport. It is a definite must if you are flying from here. It’s so much better than the other lounges and it gives you a really good start to your holiday!! We drank prosecco whilst discussing our Paris plans and the breakfast was to die for. I think the lounge was around £30 per person which isn’t too bad if you enjoy a few drinks at least!


After a really efficient flight with Air France we decided to use an Uber and jump in a taxi to our hotel which was located out of the centre of Paris. Right near the train station Porte de Montreuil. We bought a ‘book’ of train tickets which hold 10 tickets to share & it worked out so well.We didn’t need to buy any extra which was a bonus. This station took us on the main city line changing at Nation and it took us about 30 minutes in total to get to all of the sights. The trains are all very easy to use and with a little help from our hotel receptionist we managed to make our way to the Eiffel Tower.

We got off at Trocadero station stop which gave us the best view of the Tower.My friend who lived in Paris gave us a few helpful tips as to where to go. That first glimpse is always the best and we were all pretty excited. It was extremely busy with tourists but everyone seemed happy enough to help out with photos etc. We walked down the steps after taking photos and headed towards the tower as we originally wanted to go up to the top as the weather was okay. However when we got to the bottom the queue was extremely long and we decided to give it a miss and maybe head back another day.


We walked around and wanted to find somewhere to sit down for some lunch and we found the perfect little french place to enjoy some wine & food, sat 5 minutes away from the tower. Just perfect!


After refuelling we decided to go find the Arc de Triomphe which was about a 30 minute walk. The sun came out so we had a lovely walk over the river to go and find it. Again it is another spot which is full of tourists but it’s a must. We walked down the Champs Elysees & imagined spending all our savings on clothes and handbags but decided to go find some crepes and coffee instead!! Another cute little french cafe came to our rescue and they were AMAZING.

IMG_8810 (1).jpg

The next day was my birthday and we had already organised our tickets for Disneyland but i’ll do a separate blog post on our Disney experience. spoiler: IT WAS AMAZING.


The next day we had a flight to catch at 6pm so we couldn’t go too far. My friend told me to head to Sacre Coeur de Montmarte to see a real French side to things and oh my goshhhh im so happy we went. The rain was so so bad and we had our cases with us but this didn’t stop us from walking up a huge hill from where the Moulin Rouge is.


The cobbled streets were so very French & I got to see the little French Cafe I’ve been seeing everywhere on Instagram; Le Consulat. It was all so so pretty and again we finished off our day drinking coffee,hot chocolates and eating crepes. We found a lovely little place to buy some Macaroons too so we all decided to treat ourselves!

IMG_8945 (1).jpg

All in all our trip to Paris was absolutely amazing and I feel like this post is just a brief overview of what we got up too. I do feel like we didn’t have enough time to do all of the things we wanted to do like the Louvre etc. But this does mean that we can go back another time to get all the extra bits done!! Paris you’ve opened my eyes and i want to be here more. I think if you want a city trip to somewhere in Europe, then Paris is a must. i actually didnt spend that much money either really, so i think if you’re sensible it can easily be done on a budget!!



2 thoughts on “Paris Is Always A Good Idea

  1. I love Paris! It looks like you had such a fab time. I actually wrote a post recently with a few alternative Paris attractions. If you find yourself going again, you might find it a useful read ❤️


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