Noodles Please!! 

So far, every single day we’ve eaten noodles here in Hong Kong! Purely based on the fact that they are so cheap! The supermarkets here sell them in a cup for like 70p and they are easy to make! Bonus!!

We went to the night markets on temple street which were AMAZING! We went down the wrong street at first and we were a bit taken back by how small they were. Then we turned the corner and found the correct ones. So many different things for sale here.

They sell so many fake items for really cheap prices and you can even get them lower! They give you a price first then ask you to give them a price first. But if you try and walk away they will chase you to buy! So never pay the first price you see!

It’s full of wonderful smells and colours! And it goes all the way through until midnight! We got pulled into a little street bar and got given a food menu!! We decided to stay and order something. I decided to go for the chicken & ham noodles. They were so yummy!! We ordered a beer each too which were massive!! All together it was about $150 HKDOLLARS. Which is about £15. Which is really cheap compared to back home!! And we were absolutely stuffed!

I even used chopsticks properly for the first time!! I reckon I was pretty good at it aswell to be honest!! Haha! I do feel all noodled out now though!
(Well, maybe just one cup more! )


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