My friend used to work for Disneyland in Hong Kong, and she suggested we visit there and she will be able to get us in for free! Amazing, it saved us €1000 HKDOLLARS. So massive thanks to my lovely Katie Lowe ❤️

It was a really sunny day which made it even better! I am not a lover of rides to be honest but thom does love them! So we had to give everything a go!!  Most of the rides are small children’s ones, apart from 2. There was space mountain which has been given a star wars theme!! I was genuinely really scared of this one at first because it’s in pitch black!! It’s so so fast and throws you round corners and down drops! But as I walked off it, I was like YES!! Let’s do it again! Hahahaha, so we went on again! We were laughing at each other screaming! 

He also managed to drag me onto the grizzly bear ride which was a fast one that went backwards for part of the ride! Again it was that good we went on twice! We even managed to film one on the GoPro, which is absolutely hilarious!!  

I feel like me doing these rides , (yes they are still quite small) is a big step for me!! Who knows I might end up on bigger ones?? 

We went to see the lion king show which was recommended by my friend katie! And wow, I’m so glad we did! It was so amazing the actors were really good! And it brought back all the feels for lion king!! It really is one of my favourite films! 

We decided to leave after as it had been a long day here,along with the sunshine we got so so tired! I had to stop off for a Mickey Mouse waffle with chocolate and maple syrup! SO GOOD! In fact I really could eat one right now! 

Just as we were leaving the heavens opened, and we got absolutely soaked! But it was actually really nice as it was still warm & humid! We jumped back on the tube and headed home!

All disneyed out! 


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