Challenge Accepted

I spent my ‘early’ twenties going out partying. I didn’t go to the gym, I didn’t eat well and I didn’t set myself any challenges or goals other than wanting to buy a house. 7 years into my twenties and I had achieved that goal. And that’s pretty much it. I have never pushed myself physically or mentally to achieve anything before and the closer I get to being 30..the more I want to achieve.

So..I am setting myself some little challenges. They keep popping into my head on a whim but one of the first things I am going to do is…drum roll PLEASE….


For some people, this is an easy task. I only started my running journey a year ago and I am slowly but surely getting better. I actually find myself enjoying being outside and running. A sentence I NEVER thought I would say.

I know someone who ran every day for a year. A YEAR. I remember when he first told me, my initial thought was of course this guy MUST be crazy, who would even want to do that? A year into my running and I kind of see why he wanted to. Imagine the feeling on day 365. Unreal. I will forever be in awe of you for doing a year! WELL DONE.

A year is a LONG time and there is no way I’m anywhere near fit enough to even try that (at the moment). So, here I am attempting the challenge of running every day for a month. With my shifts I think the main problem for me will be finding the time each day (someone once told me, you can ALWAYS find the time, don’t let that be an excuse, so let’s see) and my hair washing schedule. First world problem I know. HA! I am going to mix it up with different miles each day and do no less than a mile.

I’ll be more than happy just completing the month and seeing how my body and mind react to this increase in exercise. I’ll report back at the end of the month. Wish me luck!!

(I just realised I chose August to do this. 31 days. DAMN could have gone shorter 😊)


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