Twenty Something Friendships

When you leave school & college and move onto the big wide world of being a grown up, all we ever said to each other was ‘we will keep in touch’. But very quickly you realise it ain’t actually all that easy. Sure Facebook is actually quite handy to nosy around at and wish that friend you avoid eye contact with in Tesco, a happy birthday every single year. But what is a true friendship in your twenties?

It’s those friends who move to the other side of the world and still manage to check in with you every other day, no matter what the time difference. If they just ate the best meal of their life, they want you to know immediately.

It’s the friends who ask how your family are, yet already know cause they bumped into them in the local town and ended up having a 30 minute chat with your mum.

It’s the friends who are there day in, day out for when you send a message like ‘i need to keep busy, fancy a coffee?’ Then sit and listen to you moan on about that boy you like that doesn’t like you back. Give you advice you were asking for then roll their eyes when you consistently don’t take it.

Friendships are funny as you get older. Trying to organise an actual get together now consists of checking our diaries for 3 months in advance to try and squeeze us all in. Life is constantly busy and sometimes we forget to text back. Sometimes we say ‘let’s meet up again soon’ and before you know it 6 months has gone by. Sometimes we make a plan and cancel 30 minutes before because: ‘i feel extra introvert tonight and i don’t wanna see you. k thanks bye’. (Genuinely my fab five group of friends are this open and blatant with each other and i LOVE you all for that). Growing up can be a little bit rubbish at times. We are all just trying to get by really aren’t we. My friends have a really good mix of: hating their jobs, self employed careers, saving for a house, when will my boyfriend propose to me? why can’t i even get a text back from that guy i really like? the constant fear of being alone forever.(LOL at this one). All these day to day things make you realise you NEED good solid friendships. Whether it be a walk round the park or a need to get absolutely smashed on gin. We need our friends.

I’m very lucky to be surrounded by cheerleaders. Those friends who i can go to for instant help/advice and get given it straight. I have friends who i have known since the start of high school, friends from college (who now ALL HAVE BABIES..what??) and friends from work who have become so much more than colleagues. So really all this post is about is me realising, i actually have the greatest thing a girl can ask for. To be surrounded by true love.

To my friends. I love you.


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