Book: Everything I Know About Love

It’s not very often you read a book that you absolutely cannot put down. In this new crazy world we live in, people don’t seem to find as much time to sit and read anymore. The endless hours of scrolling on Instagram and Twitter can really take up so much time in our lives, and funnily enough Instagram is where I first heard about this book.

Everything I know about love is written by the very funny Dolly Alderton. A now 30-year-old columnist who speaks from the heart. This book is perfect for people of all ages who have no idea what they are doing with their lives because it makes you realise that actually, NO ONE knows what they are doing, we are not alone people!!

In the book she speaks about getting drunk, falling in love, falling out of love, friendships and dealing with the self-torture we all put ourselves through at some point or another in our lives. Reading some of these chapters, she had me nodding in agreement, laughing out loud (which I rarely do when reading any book), and finally shedding a tear. She really hits home with the struggle of growing up, not only growing up full stop, but growing up in this weird new world we live in. Tinder tourism being one of these things. (People ACTUALLY do this!)

book 2.jpg

I picked this book up thinking that honestly, it would teach me a few things about ‘love’. Love in my relationships with boys. But really this book is about finding true love with YOURSELF and the love we have in our FRIENDSHIPS. Because after all, we all need to fall in love with ourselves before anything else, right? Oh, and the friends in our lives, yeah they are sort of there forever aren’t they. They are the people we fall in love with first. They will always be our one first true love.

Dolly writes amazingly and hits all the right spots. It almost feels like a friend sitting down with you and telling you her story over a few bottles of prosecco on a cosy summery night in the back garden. The chapters are mixed together with her own recipes and lists of what she’s learnt about life and love over the years. One of my favourite chapters has to be ‘Tottenham Court Road and Ordering Shit Off Amazon’. It’s crazy because how she writes is exactly how we all feel in this day and age. Getting close to 30.. Is this what life’s all about?? Who knows!

I rarely write inside my books, this one is covered in ink to remind myself of her advice and life tips. And I have already got the girls lined up to borrow this book now I’ve finished it. I think women everywhere; every age should read this book. To laugh, to remember and of course to love.


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