New Years Eve in Melbourne

Everyone kept asking us ‘why are you leaving Sydney on NYE???’ Well… there’s method in the madness. And it was based on the fact that we don’t like crowds, or queuing or crowds….so we headed off on a flight to Melbourne! It only took an hour and we were on an early flight! Touchdown in MELBOURNE!

We checked into our hotel and searched the Internet of where to go for some fireworks or something fun going on near enough to where we were staying. We found out that the big local parks were putting on music and food as you can see the skyline and fireworks from there. So we headed to the shops and bought a bottle of vodka! Ha! We got drunk & headed off to the park! We got off near the arts centre which had a bar (YES!) so we enjoyed a few beers here first!

We got there really really early, standard so we ended up having to buy more and more drinks. Which also included absinthe & tequila! But eventually it got to near midnight and we went to find a spot to sit in the park. It wasn’t too busy early on so we found a perfect spot to watch the fireworks right near the Dj! The clock struck midnight and the fireworks were going off and we had such a good time!

We ended up staying after midnight dancing and having fun with everyone else! We had a really good time, and probably my favorite New Year’s Eve yet!

It’s safe to say New Year’s Day was a bit of a write off. We were both a bit rough so we headed off to find some hangover food! An American diner!! AMAZING! Big dirty burgers & hot dogs to save us!! We then chilled out in the hotel playing scrabble in the evening!

For me, it was a great way to start the new year. And for all the people who told us we were silly for not staying in Sydney, we kinda proved you wrong.



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