Sydney Sights & My First Cricket Match

We arrived in Sydney!! It’s so strange seeing something that you see on TV all the time, in real life. The Opera House is an iconic landmark and I’ve now seen it up close & personal! I always thought it was in the middle of the that’s taught me!

It’s a really pretty area and the harbour bridge is MASSIVE! You can see all the people walking along the top of it, they look like tiny ants!

We met some friends and jumped on the fast ferry over to Manly for the day! The view from the back of the boat was one of the best in Sydney!

Manly was nice, the beach was so so busy but the waves were amazing! It seems most beaches in Australia are wavy! It had a busy Main Street with lots of different shops, and we also walked round to Shelley Beach! The ferry only took about 15 minutes aswell, it was a bit bumpy on the way but you kind of forget about it whilst your busy looking at the views!

Another thing we were really looking forward too in Sydney was the cricket! Well, I say ‘we’ but it was defiantly something Thom wanted to do more than me originally. Australia is massive for Cricket, so we had to get involved! We walked down to Sydney Cricket Ground which took about 25 minutes from the train station. (It was so so hot)!

It was crazy when we got there, so many people and the cricket team had so many promotional things going on!! We were going to support the Sydney Sixers who play in pink (AMAZING!) so we decided to join in the fun and get all pinked up! Thom had his face painted and I had my hair sprayed!!

The atmosphere here is unreal, everyone is happy and having fun. It’s so different from a football match. The supporters are even allowed to mix and sit wherever which is all good fun! There were some hardcore cricket fans there!! Ha!

The game went on for agessss & I still don’t totally get the rules! I do know more than I did originally though! We loved holding up our number 4 & 6 when they scored!



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