Gold Coast…So Far

We’ve been using the greyhound bus service which is basically hop on hop off in different areas! It’s been great so far, really quick & efficient! 

We went from surfers paradise to Coolangatta which was only 30 minutes down the road. It seemed quite a remote sort of place but it still had a small centre with a beach & lots of shops/cafes! We headed out for a beach day and stopped off for some breakfast in a surf cafe! Latte & a bacon butty! Yum! 

Then we headed off to the beach which was a bit different to the other ones we’ve been on so far! We needed some shade as we were a bit sunburnt and they had a tree area which was good! The waves were huge again there and we had fun in the sea! They did however warn you of marine stingers! We saw a lot of them but thankfully we didn’t get stung!! 

After Coolangatta we headed down to Brunswick Heads. Again it was only a short journey, about 25 minutes on the Greyhound. The weather wasn’t too great here for us, but we probably needed it after getting a bit sunburnt! We went to the beach but after a while we decided to move on! They also have a gorgeous lake here which you can swim in! There were a lot of people jumping in off the bridge, but as it wasn’t sunny, thom didn’t jump in as he wouldn’t have dried off as easy! 

We did have a walk around the town here and it was quite busy, a lot of locals here doing their normal thing! There are some really cute shops. One of them was called ‘whatever’ & they literally sold all sorts of things! We loved it they had bracelets, crystals & clothes! We bought a bracelet each! 

They also had a cute bakery which we stopped off at! They were so so busy & someone was playing a keyboard just outside! A young boy soon stopped with his bongo and joined in with him. It was really nice to see the man let him join in! The food at the bakery was amazing!! We had sausage roll & a pie! YUMMY! 

We’ve just stopped off at Byron Bay which looks like a total hippy town! Thom is in his element here!! 


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