Surfers Paradise 

We did 2 days in Brisbane & got on the Greyhound bus to Surfers Paradise! The weather was amazing and we got dropped off really early so we went straight to the beach! The town centre has so much to offer, lots of shops and places to eat & the beach is right over the road! 

It was a really busy area and there was a mix of tourists and locals which is nice! We sat right near the lifeguards on the beach, and there was so much to watch! The waves here are huge and so strong that people were constantly getting dragged out and struggling to get back in! The lifeguards were so quick to jump on a surf board and rescue them! It gave us some drama to watch whilst relaxing on the beach!  The views of the buildings right next to the beach are amazing aswell! 

It’s safe to say we’ve managed to get a suntan from being here! It’s been so relaxing & we really needed somewhere to lie and sunbathe after a month of traveling now! It really feels like a ‘holiday’ now which is good! 

There are so many different types of people here! Tourists mixed with locals so it’s a really good mix! Everyone seems really friendly & because it’s getting closer to Christmas, everywhere is promoting themselves and having fun! We even saw a huge walking coffee, which really made us laugh! 

They had some Christmas markets on in the evening which were good! They offered pretty much everything from bracelets to holding a parrot!! We do love a good market!!

Our hostel was pretty much a party hostel which was kind of annoying! I’m more about the daytime when I’m away, I love spending time on the beach & in the sun, and our hostel was constantly partying! They even kept us awake the fist night! But it died down eventually when they went out (we were totally in bed by 9) hahaha!

Surfers was a lovely place with a lovely atmosphere!! I would really recommend it to people who want to go somewhere which still has normality with a bit of quirkiness thrown in!


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