Koala Cuddles 

We’ve landed in Brisbane! We’re both pretty excited for Aus, especially when we landed into glorious sunshine! We’ve been away for just under a month and we finally have sun!! Now we feel like we’re on proper holiday!! 

I booked a hotel just outside of the city centre which meant we had to jump on the bus to get there. It was only a 10 minute journey and we got to see the centre from a different point of view too! Brisbane is actually quite a cool city & it offers way more shops & things to do than anywhere in New Zealand. 

In the centre they have a man made pool/beach which is really cool! It’s called street beach. They have a fresh water pool which is surrounded by sand & there was a lot of people lay there in the sun! We went there on both days to sunbathe it was really weird being right in the centre!  

One thing we both really really wanted to do was see the koalas. We found the perfect place; Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. We jumped on the bus which took about 30 mins and paid in. It only cost us $75 for the both of us! The koalas are pretty much all over the area, in their little spaces with trees & eucolyptus. 

They are so so cute & they offer you the chance to hold one for a photo! We had to do it!!!! They had you the koalas to hold in a specific way and they take a photo! There must have been something about thom as he went through 3 koalas because they all got distracted! They are so sweet I really want one as a pet!! 

The staff are really good with them & the koalas seem really happy & relaxed! They also had a kangaroo area where you can buy some food and go into the field and feed them! They were cute too & it’s so weird actually seeing one in real life! They were all lazing around and obviously full from everybody feeding them as they weren’t eating much. One of them stood up on its hind legs and it was really big!!! 


We really enjoyed our morning here but it did go really quick! It’s been something to tick off our lists & probably the highlight of my trip so far! Reckon I can sneak a koala into my backpack and take it home with me!???? O


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