My NZ Experience 

So we have spent a total of 21 days in NZ. It’s gone really quick now I stop and think about it, however it has dragged at times we’ve been sat around in the van waiting for the wind & rain to stop! 


I didn’t actually know much about NZ before we went there. Thank god for Thom knowing what was there/to do. The only thing I knew about was the film set where they filmed some of the hobbit! By far that was probably the highlight of my trip! It was one of the hottest days aswell, so win win!! 

We’ve done quite a few things that I will look back on and enjoy! Dorothy falls in Hokitika was amazing! My first big waterfall and it was so beautiful! Hokitika Gorge was really pretty too! Oh and Huka Falls was gorgeous! And I loved our time in Rotorua & Taupo! They were nice towns & had quirky shops and more to offer than most! 

I think we were really unlucky with the weather during our time here, which doesn’t make camping out in a van any easier! Out of all the days we were there, we had about 6 days of sunshine (barely that). It meant we couldn’t even sit outside the van most nights. So we were just sat in playing cards, reading & killing time! And you get bitten!! So so much!! Thom had approx 30 bites on both his lower legs at one point! Crazy! (Good job i brought all my first aid kits ey thom) ;-). 

We did manage to get around a lot of areas, and we enjoyed the North island more than the south! When we were in Taupo they had thermal pools which were really cool. We’ve never done that before so that was something different for us! They were so so hot!! Weird!

I feel like NZ has given us the time to think a lot about what we want when we get back home. And it’s pushed me and thom to just enjoy each other’s company & have fun! It’s been trying at times, we’ve had a few issues along the way. (A flat tyre, lost cash card & a blocked PIN number) but we’ve got through it working together, and laughing about it in the end!  I couldn’t have done this part of the journey without him to be honest! ❤️

I’m really looking forward to Australia now! (More the sunshine than anything right now). I’m currently on the plane writing this flying with Virgin Australia. Our first stop is Brisbane for a couple of nights, and I’ve also booked an actual hotel for those nights which will be a treat for us after being in the van for so long!! 

Thank you NZ, but you weren’t exactly what I was expecting. Let’s hope Australia delivers!! 


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