Don’t go chasing Waterfalls..

We’ve been in New Zealand now for over 2 weeks traveling down from Auckland to Christchurch! We’ve been through a lot of little towns on each island, however one that has really stuck out so far has been Hokitika! 

It’s on the South Island, and we were lucky enough to get a little bit of sunshine for our visit! The weather here has not been great for us the entire time! The beach here was covered in driftwood! At certain times of the year they have competitions for people to make things out of the driftwood! Such a good idea! They made their sign on the beach from it and it looks amazing! 

Thom has a really good idea to make something from small pieces of driftwood, so we walked along the beach trying to find the best pieces out there! He’s cut holes into them and we’re going to use them as keyrings! They are really cute! 

We went driving to the nearest lake & saw that there were some waterfalls located nearby! We had to go and see them! So we drove the campervan the short drive to Dorothy Falls! It was sooooo lovely there! So peaceful & there wasn’t that many people around so we spent some time there taking it all in (whilst taking a few photos!) 

It sort of looks like a fake backdrop! It’s so pretty!! 

As well as this gorgeous waterfall, we also made our way to Hokitika Gorge which had a huge swingy bridge across it! You were only allowed 6 people on the bridge at once, and honestly it did not stop swinging and bouncing! But the views are AMAZING! The water mixes with rock dust to turn the colour into a lovely milky blue! It looked unreal!! 

I think some of the towns here in NZ are pretty small and don’t have much to offer, however this was one of the towns that offered the most picturesque places to visit. We did enjoy the views here a lot more than some of the other places! 

We also went to a small glow worm dell here! Right near our campsite, which was really cool as neither of us had seen them before!! They are really cute when they are all lit up, but they are so weird looking when you actually see what they look like the light!! 


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