Coffee & Dreams

So a few people know how much I love coffee. I love drinking it, I love watching people make it & I love sitting, relaxing and unwinding with a good cup of coffee! Oh yeah and using it as a boost in the mornings! I had heard that NZ was good for coffee so I have to try it out as much as I can! 

This latte & marbled chocolate brownie was AMAZING! And well needed on a stressful day! 

I also have a dream to own my place one day, and I really want to set that as a goal and work towards it. We’ve seen some quirky places whilst we’ve been here & ive started to write down some research & inspiration for myself! Thom has really been helping aswell and I really think I could work on this as a hobby when I get back home! 

We stopped off in a lovely little cafe called Chocolate Dayz in Days Bay! It was so quirky, and right by the sea! The chairs had paintings on & it had so much character! Our campervan can be seen aswell just behind the coffee! 

We had a long drive down Arthur’s Pass to get to Christchurch, so on the way we spotted a cute cafe with a beach like theme! We had a vanilla latte each with a small side of fudge that came with it! An amazing idea, that went straight into my ideas book! The coffee here is really good & strong which is exactly how it should be! YUMMY! 

All of the places I’m stopping at are going in my ideas book, and I can’t wait to try some quirky places in Australia! Some dreams may start small, but I plan on working on them to see where they take me!!  


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