Hello Hobbits! 

One of the main things we wanted to do in NZ was go to the movie set of the hobbit! We’ve watched all the films & were really looking forward too it! Tickets were about $170 for the both of us! 

The drive there was a bit harsh for my travel sickness, and I did get really ill!! But once we arrived and I settled my stomach everything was fine! We did get there 2 hours early but we were lucky with the weather so we sat outside in the sunshine with some milkshakes! 

You have to jump on a coach that drives you into the hills of Hobbiton & they play you a video from the director explaining why he chose this place to film. Although, it’s pretty clear why he chose here, it’s absolutely beautiful!! 

You have a your guide who takes you around the areas. There are so many hobbit holes there! More than I imagined! They are so precise and intricate with the details! So so cute!! 

They even have huka wood chip biting in all of the chimneys so it smells nice & you get a real feel of the place!! The tour guide was full of information & gave you inside information about what happened behind the scenes too! 

You get to stop and take photos at pretty much everything! At the end of the trip you end up in The Green Dragon pub and even get a complimentary drink! I went for the cider, Thom had an ale! They were designed purely for Hobbiton, which is really cool! 

We really enjoyed this tour, the staff were really friendly! (Even if she fell over in front of everyone!) the sun was shining so much so I got sunburn on my back!! It’s a definate must if you’re visiting NZ! 

Now we wanna go home and re watch all the films!!! 


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