Ed the Camper

We decided to get a camper van from Auckland and make our own way down to Christchurch! We used Lucky Rentals for our booking and we got there really quick & the staff were really helpful! We’re really excited to have this as our home for the next 19 nights! 

We stopped off in Takapuna first which is right near the sea! I love the sea!! It is a really lovely town and the campsite was literally right on the beach! Really nice for our first stop off! We just needed to get our bearings and know which way to head next! We found a campsite which was just $12 for the night so parked up there and went exploring! 

It was right in the countryside and there was so many places to go and look at! We headed off to the river to see what we could find! 

We came across a little area where we could sit down and enjoy the view and the sun was out!! A little hotspot for us! Thom was going to go and have a paddle but thought better of it when he dipped his toes in! It had ropes bridges which were just like the ones they have in ‘I’m a celebrity,get me out of here’. They really did wobble, so funny! But we made it across them in the end! 

We even made some friends this night too, who were Australian so gave us so many tips on where to go when we get there! We did get told off by another person there for being too noisy! Whoops! 

The campervan has its own cooking facilities in which makes it so easy for us to buy food in bulk and save money!! We made burgers which were quick and really nice!! And the camper is so comfy to sleep in it’s perfect for us! We’re really happy we went with a campervan here! It’s given us so much freedom! 


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