We have left Hong Kong for Auckland!! Woop woop! If I’m honest Hong Kong was all a bit too much for me, it was too busy!! Everyone was on their phones like ALLLLLL the time! People pushed you on the trains and just generally didn’t have many manners! So I’m definitely ready for something new! The city was very picturesque though!’ 

We checked in at Hong Kong airport to find we had been seated separately on the flight! (10 hours flight in the middle seat) UGH. I’m not a fan of flying, and flying alone?? No no no. We tried everything but couldn’t get it changed! Until we sat on the plane and I asked the person who was sat next too me to swap!! Thankfully she said yes!! Amazing! 

The flight wasn’t too bad, I took some rescue remedy drops and it really calms my nerves when it comes to the turbulence! Bonus! 

Cya bye Hong Kong!! 

Hello NZ!! 


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