The Temple & The Peak 

So our last full day in Hong Kong and thom woke me up dragging me to a temple!! Haha! We knew we were going to the peak tram later in the evening so we had a lazy morning and then headed off to the temple. 

The temple was called the Wong Tai Sin Temple. Everyone was buying Incense sticks and we had no idea why until we walked into the temple itself. People were lighting them and praying to every single statue that was there. The temple was so pretty and it did feel really religious! 

It had so many nooks & crannys and people were praying all over the place. It had a huge garden in the middle of it which was so unexpected in this giant busy city.  The garden was really nice and peaceful and we saw some men throwing terrapins into the garden water which was really random! It would have been nice though to maybe be told about what was actually going on in the temple. But it was an experience!! (And it was free!)

After our trip here we made our way to the Peak Tram! The queue for tickets was outside and over the road with a sign that said 2&1/2 hour wait! But we came all this was we had to wait and see! It didn’t actually take that long in the end, probably about an hour instead. The tickets were about £18 for entry to the tram and the viewing point at the top! Again it was so so busy! Far too busy for me, and everyone pushes and shoves!! 

However once we got to the top, the view was totally worth it!!! We got some amazing shots of everything lit up at night time. It looks fantastic!!! 

Once we had taken the photos at the top we decided to stop off in the Bubba Gump resataraunt. It is our last night in Hong Kong and we haven’t had a meal our yet since we got here, and I was really craving some ‘normal’ food. I’m so fussy with what I eat, so I had a burger!! And Thom ordered some shrimp!! And a ‘large’ beer which ended up being £10! Haha! Easy mistake to make when you don’t speak Chinese!!! And they play Forrest Gump on repeat!!! 

It was a lovely little evening with my best friend, then we had to find our way back to the train station! 

Surprisingly we were wide awake when we got in, so we watched Netflix on the laptop for a bit which was nice! A nice way to end our days in Hong Kong!! 

Flying to New Zealand next!! Wooo woooo 


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