Hello Hong Kong!!! 

So finally we are off on our big trip!!! Our first stop off is Hong Kong!!  So much planning and stressing and it’s finally here!! Argh!!

We flew with Cathay Pacific who are an amazing airline. They literally don’t stop feeding you and they are so happy all the way through! I barely had any turbulence either, which is the best for me as it always makes me anxious! 11 hours down and we landed in Hong Kong!! 

The airport is huge there but it’s so easy to find your way! Everything is in Chinese and English which is perfect. Even easier was the MTR system, which is exactly like the London tube! Thom is really good at that stuff and soon we were jumping on and off like pros! We’re staying in causeway bay, right near all the shops, but it is mega mega busy!!! Trying to find our hostel with our huge bags was so hard! And a cute man helped us find the street in the end!! 

The hostel isn’t too bad, it’s in a building of flats and we’re on the 10th floor with only 2 small lifts that aren’t the greatest, but we have wifi in the room!! BONUS! Our first day here we were so tired after the flight, we had no sleep at all and the hostel wasn’t ready for us. We got that tired we went dizzy and had to have a rest! 

Finally we got in our room, dumped our bags and had a nap which felt amazing, but messed up our sleeping plan! We woke up and went off to the shops and bought noodles! The choice of noodles is ridiculous, so many flavours! But they are really cheap! 

First day down, and it’s really been a tiresome one from all the traveling, but it’s exciting to see what else we get up too!!! 


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