Me and my friends are so busy with work and living in different area codes these days, we needed to get something booked so we couldn’t change the plans!!! Haha. 

We went with Brussels, 1 because we could get cheap flights and 2 because none of us had been there before. We booked 4 days there in febuary and flew from Manchester. It was only a 50 minute flight which is amazing!!! 

Once we landed we got on a coach straight into the city centre and used my map reading skills (thank you google maps!!) to get us to our apartment. We were walking around for about 40 minutes lost but we got there. Our apartment was slap bang in the middle of everything ( and right near a waffle shop!!! ) we booked through aparthotels and it was amazing. Perfect for a group of 4 girls!! 

Our first full day there we spent it wandering the streets and seeing the sights whilst stopping for drinks of course!! Brussels is actually a very nice city with quite a lot to do, lots of shops, bars and structures. My boyfriend Thom had been before so he gave us some top tips on what bars to go too. And whilst we were looking for these we actually stumbled across mannekinpis which is famous in Brussels!! 

We stopped off at this cute little bar and ended up having Belgium beers & shots which is where our night started. Of course we had to visit the delirium bar everyone had told us about it and we had to see if we could go find the pink elephants ourselves!! Everything is reasonably cheap over there which makes it even easier to get drunk!!! We had such a great night!! We made friends in the bar (who ended up buying us drinks all night) and ended up being invited to stay for a lock in. Seriously we had an amazing night, the staff were really great!! 

Brussels is obviously famous for its Belgium waffles. And we actually had at least one waffle every single day!! Even when we got home we were all craving them so had to buy them. But it’s not the same :-(. I had banana and chocolate most days which were sooooo tasty. Waffles are the best. 

We have been friends now for 10 years and we barely see each other anymore. But we talk near enough everyday. Even if it is just a quick message laughing at something we’ve seen on Facebook. These girls are the absolute best and we plan on trying to book something now every year. 

Brussels really surprised me, and after all the horrible things happening there all our friends and family asked us to change our destination, but we stuck by our guns. It was lovely there. And the people were really nice!!! I would defiantly recommend it for a weekend away and I would even go again some point in the future. 

I took the GoPro with us and made this video of our little trip. Thanks for an amazing little break girls. Here’s to the next one!!!


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